177 days ago / Stacey Bryant
Food Styling Tricks Revealed – The Ice Cold Beverage

Have you ever wondered how big companies like Coca-Cola or McDonalds get their drinks looking so ice cold and refreshing in their ads? You have to think – their photoshoots will take hours, even days to get the perfect shot! How can they keep the drink looking cold and keep the ice from melting while its baking under the studio lights for that long? Well, there is a secret that the pros aren’t telling us and we have the insight for you!

Food Styling Tricks Revealed - The Ice Cold Beverage Coca-Cola Ad

The drinks are not actually cold at all! That’s right, the bottles in Coca-Cola photos and the refreshing glasses of soda you see in McDonald’s ads are really being photographed at room temperature!…


April 18, 2016 / Stacey Bryant
Everything Food Conference for Food Bloggers


It’s the Everything Food Conference for Food Bloggers! “This conference is for food bloggers who want to grow their blogging business while enjoying engaging, hands-on experiences with other talented and seasoned food bloggers… and, of course, indulge in some crazy-good food.” – quoted directly from the creators of this awesome conference for food bloggers that is coming up in May THIS YEAR! Are you as pumped as I am?! All food bloggers, at all levels are welcome. The conference is geared toward more advanced bloggers, but it will most definitely be broken down in a way that even the beginning blogger is going to learn a TON.…


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