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At Tasty Bev, we are all about the recipe author! As a recipe creator who is working hard to put photos, recipes, and content out there on the web – you deserve to be recognized. If it weren’t for you and your delicious drink recipes, there wouldn’t be a Tasty Bev!

There are so many great beverage recipes getting lost in the mix of food blogs and food curation websites, so Tasty Bev stepped onto the scene to create a space that brings beverage recipes together in an easily searchable and ‘digestible’ manner – pun intended! Drinks can be searched by scrolling through a feed of beautiful images until one catches your eye, or, they can be searched by type, by diet, or by ingredient on the search page. If the viewer is interested in searching by author – that is also possible!

Every recipe contributor on Tasty Bev receives a unique author feed where the search is filtered to view only the recipes that have been featured by that particular author. We try to make it as easy as possible for beverages to be found! Contributors are provided with a custom Tasty Bev author URL, which they can link to from a button on their website – if they so choose!

It is important to mention that Tasty Bev completely respects and values the creativity, time, and resources given to create each and every recipe on the web. That is why we do not post the recipes on our site. Rather, we simply post one main photo along with the recipe title and then link it directly back to the contributor! Although a Tasty Bev site visitor may be locating drink recipes on…they will not be able to obtain the actual recipe details until clicking directly to the original post URL on the author’s website. Our goal and purpose it to assist people in locating the recipes they crave – but it’s the recipe author’s great privilege to provide them with the recipe they desire!

Tasty Bev Homepage Screenshot
If you click on the photo of a recipe from the homepage…

Tasty Bev Recipe Screenshot
…or if you click on the title of the the recipe from the homepage, and then click the ‘Get Recipe’ button…

Tasty Bev Link to Authors Website Screenshot
…you will be re-directed to the author’s website where you will find the recipe!



I’m going to get technical on you for a second. Bear with me, trust me. Backlinks. Backlinks are the greatest gift that Tasty Bev offers its contributors! In case you don’t already know, In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, a backlink is a hyperlink that links from a Web page, back to your own Web page or Web site. Also called an Inbound Link (IBL) these links are important in determining the popularity (or importance) of your Web site.* According to the research done by Backlinko, the number of domains linking to a page correlate with SEO rankings on Google more than any other factor! In other words…the more websites you have linking to your website…the higher your website will rank in Google searches!

In addition to helping people locate your recipes (and providing you with backlinks), we set out to inspire our visitors to try recipes through our social media and email outreaches. We send them suggestions for drinks to try based on seasons, holidays, etc. – this provides you, the blogger or recipe author, with more time in the spotlight and additional chances for backlink opportunities if and when your beverage is being recommended!


Tasty Bev: A Resource

Lastly, but not leastly: through blog articles, infographics, free downloadables, product reviews and more, we want to provide resources and tips that will supplement our contributor’s recipes in a a way that will bring people the most success when venturing to make new drink recipes at home!

If you have a beverage recipe that you would like to see featured on our website – simply enter the URL on the submit page and it will be sent for review!

And why not tag the bevs you’re sippin’ on #tastybev when you post about them on social media, who knows – we might just give you a shout out!



Stacey Bryant

*Definition of a backlink