A Day in the Sip with Stacey Bryant

“A Day in the Sip” is a blog series produced by Tasty Bev where the daily ‘tasty bev’ routines of people you know and love (or whom you should get to know and love) are featured.

To kick off the series, Tasty Bev Founder & Creator, Stacey has shared her daily routine with us, giving us a personal insight into her life! And because we are all about bevs – we’ve asked her to describe the beverages she enjoys throughout a typical day; to share her favorite tasty bev of all time; and to tell us what is the one tool, utensil, appliance, or device that she can’t live without when it comes to making bevs at home! So keep reading A Day in the Sip with Stacey Bryant!



My typical day starts with hot lemon water when I first wake up accompanied by some time reading and/or stretching. Then, I might do some yoga or simple exercises before work (let’s be honest…that is IF and WHEN I can get my butt out of bed!) When it’s time to get to work, I won’t sit down without first making (or picking up from a coffee shop) a soy latte or soy chai to join me at my desk. Sometimes I do fresh squeezed grapefruit juice instead of coffee or tea – you know, if I want to get crazy.

Around lunchtime, I will have a green juice or smoothie (depending on my mood that day) with some snacks. This will be my lunch – trying to cut back and shed a few lbs! About mid-afternoon I would normally be leaping for my favorite Tasty Bev of all time which is an unsweetened black iced tea with a lemon wedge – but, lately Ive been super into lime soda water from Trader Joes. I guess my iced tea is getting an unexpected break from me! But I don’t imagine I can keep away from my tea for too long. Around 5pm I’m wrapping up my workday and ready to not be sitting in front of the computer anymore. [Holler if you get where I’m coming from!] So at this point – I probably will transition from my workday with a refill of my iced tea or soda water! Haha! This may seem excessive, yes, I know – but what can I say?! I’m at my best with a Tasty Bev in hand. And yes, I do pee a lot.

My husband and I love to cook and try new recipes, so we often enjoy dinner prep time together after our workdays. At dinner time, or after, it is not uncommon for you to find me with a red wine in hand. Sometimes, maybe on a Friday, I’m cracking open a tasty cold one instead. If its cold out and I feel like being cozy in the evening, I will return back to the hot bev world and relax with a hot tea or even a coffee. Yes, this usually freaks people out. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been able to have caffeine before bed and it doesn’t effect my sleep at all! Oh, and I didn’t mention it before – but all throughout the day, between the Tasty Bevs I mentioned…I am drinking just plain ol’ good ol’ fashioned H-to-the-2-to-the-O. This pretty much sums me up.



Unsweetened Black Iced Tea with a Lemon Wedge
Yes. If I were stranded on a remote island and besides water, I had to choose only one tasty bev to enjoy for life…this is what it would be. I practically drink this tasty bev daily now. I couldn’t imagine being without it. Addicted? I believe so.


Unsweetened Black Iced Tea with Lemon
Recipe type: Tea
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8 glasses
  • 64 oz Water
  • 5 Tea Bags (I prefer Lipton Black Tea)
  • 1 Lemon, wedged
  • Ice
  1. Boil water
  2. Steep tea bags for 30 minutes + (this is much longer than recommended on any tea bag or packaging) I steep my tea so that it becomes super overly dark. One, I want to taste it! And two, because we are making iced tea - the ice with dilute it back down to a medium darkness.
  3. Fill your pitcher or storage container completely full and heaping with ice, then pour tea over ice. The quantity of ice will instantly cool the hot tea to a perfect drinking temperature and will dilute it to a medium intensity.
  4. Cut a lemon wedge (1/4 lemon) and squeeze into a glass with ice, pour tea over ice + lemon and enjoy!


Unsweetened Black Iced Tea with Lemon A Day in the Sip with Stacey Bryant



The key to getting the best flavor is using your standard, old fashioned, Lipton Black Tea bags. Steep them in boiling water for longer than the package says – and using a few more bags per your amount of water too! I like to make it really dark. Then, later, lots of ice waters it back down to perfection. Also! [I guess this is a 3-part tip] Squeeze and throw your lemon wedge into a glass full of ice before pouring in the tea. This allows the tea to wash over the lemon and spread it’s citrus goodness evenly throughout!



There are really a few things I can’t live without when it comes to making tasty bevs at home…like my Omega Masticating Juicer for juicing or my Blendtec High Speed Blender for smoothies. BUT for the sake of versatility, I would have to say that I cannot live without my Handheld Citrus Squeezer. I put lemon and lime into many-a-tasty-bev: my fav iced tea, morning hot lemon water, most cocktails, and more. That’s a lot of lemons to be squeezing by hand…especially if you are making a large batch of your bev…after awhile your hand starts to cramp up and the whole time it’s been stinging like crazy from that paper cut you got earlier when you were printing out the recipe!




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